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“Kaddish for the Last Survivor”

This title is actually a short story by one of my good friends, Michael A. Burstein. There is a link at the bottom. Even though he’s a published author, who makes part of his living with his writing, this is... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Death Vigil at Bedside

After college… time passed and I got older. Part of getting older is that those we love age and die. One of my grandmothers passed after I married and had children – Mom’s Mom. We flew down for the services.... Continue Reading →

Kick it back from 7th

I reached the apex of my trombone playing experiences at Harvard University between June 1987 and June 1991. It’s kind of a long tale… I started playing the trombone in the 5th grade. I was 10. And small for my... Continue Reading →

Talking about it – why is it important?

Today we went to the funeral and wake of an Irish Catholic buddy of my husband. He had cancer for two years and we were lucky enough to be there at his bedside with his family and other friends when... Continue Reading →

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