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Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska

When the bloodsucker finished leeching me today at the doc’s office, Murphy and I decided to go for a drive out the road. I don’t take as many opportunities to do this as I should. She’s a two-year old Shiba... Continue Reading →

“Memory: How it works and how to improve it”

I read somewhere once that chronic migraines are like mini-strokes throughout the brain. When I raised this point with my neurologist a few years back, he raised an eyebrow at me and made a hmm noise. But it is true... Continue Reading →

No, really, I saw her shoot fire from her eyes!

Now, I’m no saint. I didn’t always handle things the right way the first time... I don’t recommend a temper tantrum as a disciplinary measure.

Talking about it – why is it important?

Today we went to the funeral and wake of an Irish Catholic buddy of my husband. He had cancer for two years and we were lucky enough to be there at his bedside with his family and other friends when... Continue Reading →

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