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Snakes and I have a history

I think the one that clinched my snake phobia was the one that almost landed in my lap. For those of you unaware of the niceties of snake patterns, a Coral snake and a King snake look very similar. The... Continue Reading →

Just read the damn, I mean darn, book!

Like any skill, the more you practice the easier it becomes. Sometimes it is hard to help a hormonal kid who’d rather be anywhere else than English class understand that. I had a basketball player in Freshman English, my first... Continue Reading →

Shuttle Launch

Note: Sorry no drawing this time. Kept meaning to but had too many other projects. Sitting in terror, looking at the wooden paddle hung on the wall, I pondered how little power I had actually had over the situation I... Continue Reading →

No, really, I saw her shoot fire from her eyes!

Now, I’m no saint. I didn’t always handle things the right way the first time... I don’t recommend a temper tantrum as a disciplinary measure.

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