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Snakes and I have a history

I think the one that clinched my snake phobia was the one that almost landed in my lap. For those of you unaware of the niceties of snake patterns, a Coral snake and a King snake look very similar. The... Continue Reading →

My friend Mel

I lost my friend Melony Lechner to suicide this past week. This is the story I told today at the memorial (actual names this time): In the summer of 2001, Fred and I bought a house. We spent all day... Continue Reading →

Shuttle Launch

Note: Sorry no drawing this time. Kept meaning to but had too many other projects. Sitting in terror, looking at the wooden paddle hung on the wall, I pondered how little power I had actually had over the situation I... Continue Reading →

Everyone knows everyone in Alaska, right?

When we are young, our friendships tend to be based on close proximity. Who lives next door and who are parents' friends are for example. This doesn't really change as we age. Proximity is still one of the most important factors in choosing our friends. What does change is how we become exposed to them. We create our own proximity in the choices we make

Talking about it – why is it important?

Today we went to the funeral and wake of an Irish Catholic buddy of my husband. He had cancer for two years and we were lucky enough to be there at his bedside with his family and other friends when... Continue Reading →

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