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Falling up the Stairs

A friend of mine asked me to write this story. It's not the sort of thing I usually record. But, I think we have all had moments like this. Moments when we have done something incredibly ridiculous. I have been... Continue Reading →

Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska

When the bloodsucker finished leeching me today at the doc’s office, Murphy and I decided to go for a drive out the road. I don’t take as many opportunities to do this as I should. She’s a two-year old Shiba... Continue Reading →

30th reunion

It is an odd thing seeing people after 30 years. Hearing their stories, talking about what you remember and what they do. There was a lot of “huh, I don’t remember that” or “that’s not how it happened”. I’ve discussed... Continue Reading →

Just a tidbit

Been a bit busy. This weekend is my 30th class reunion for high school. I volunteered to arrange some things. Got us a local bar willing to play 80's music so we're having an 80's theme night. Decided to make... Continue Reading →

“Memory: How it works and how to improve it”

I read somewhere once that chronic migraines are like mini-strokes throughout the brain. When I raised this point with my neurologist a few years back, he raised an eyebrow at me and made a hmm noise. But it is true... Continue Reading →

“Kaddish for the Last Survivor”

This title is actually a short story by one of my good friends, Michael A. Burstein. There is a link at the bottom. Even though he’s a published author, who makes part of his living with his writing, this is... Continue Reading →

Happy Belated Birthday USCG!!

Wow - you were 227 years old yesterday and I totally forgot to congratulate you. And you were such a HUMUNGEOUS part of my life!! From 1969 until 1991 I carried around an orange card from you that came with... Continue Reading →

Snakes and I have a history

I think the one that clinched my snake phobia was the one that almost landed in my lap. For those of you unaware of the niceties of snake patterns, a Coral snake and a King snake look very similar. The... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Death Vigil at Bedside

After college… time passed and I got older. Part of getting older is that those we love age and die. One of my grandmothers passed after I married and had children – Mom’s Mom. We flew down for the services.... Continue Reading →

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